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General Rules

Welcome to PokemonAddicts!


Welcome to the our group! If you like, love, or are addicted to Pokemon this group is for you. All you have to do to join is hit the join button, member requests are automatically approved!

Rules and Info

:bulletblue: Submit to the right folders! If your not sure what generation a Pokemon is, just look the Pokemon up and check when the Pokemon was first released.

:bulletblue: Respect all members and their submissions.

:bulletblue: Submissions are set to four a week.

:bulletblue: This group is for official Pokemon only. Trainers are fine as long as they're with a Pokemon in the picture.

:bulletblue: You may advertise yourself in the group comment section but please do not submit journals or other self advertisements to the group gallery.

Please don't submit..

:bulletred: Stolen Art
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletred: Screenshots, Screencaps
:bulletred: Mature content.
:bulletred: Official Pokemon sprites
:bulletred: Journals or Stories
:bulletred: Pokemon Fusions
:bulletred: Trainers without Pokemon.
:bulletred: Fakemon (fan made pokemon)

- Submissions not following the above rules may be removed from the group -


Do not submit screenshots from Pokemon in an attempt to sell them. This includes selling in-game pokemon such as shinies, rare pokemon, etc. This is against the group rules and said submissions will be removed.

Gallery Folders

Commission: Rivals by salanchu
Talonflame by RubyFeather
Pokemon: Bulbasaur by starthief-alice
150 - Mewtwo by nganlamsong
Generation 1
[Pokemon GO - Gastly] by KidPeach
Mega Pinsir by Bhrunno
Cubonyta pokemon by Wolfen-C
Johnichu by legoboss125
Generation 2
Tyranitar's Rage by KarateNoKami
Fireflies by IAmADeliciousPotato
(Pokemon) Poppin Heaven by Black-ADD-White
+Espeon ACEO - Pokemon+ by madhouse-arts
Generation 3
Moar Banettes by EbonyKnight6
May and staters by ditrylittlesecret
At The Pokemon League by valtykeaton
Chillin Lukey by Ppoint555
Generation 4
My boi is sleeping by LilClad
Laura Lucario by KGH786
Shinx by Tabanoffi

Mature Content

PATREON PREVIEW: Ashley + Dawn's Reveal Colour by laprasking
Generation 5
Poilce quest by LuckyPupa
Cofagrigus X Swanna by arissagochou04
SN: Guardian by MoonRayCZ
When I sleep by TropicalCyclone
Generation 6
wandering spirit by CynicalAshhole
Pokemon - Sylveon - Kawaii Baller by BrolyNo1Consorter
25 Pumpkaboo by Anterie
24 Phantump by Anterie
Generation 7
Olivia: Kahuna of Akala Island by RoseyRoseyMae
Dulse and Zossie - Colored by Dargonite
Pokemon, pistolas y rosas by AWildWeavile
Rockruff by Rain-Wolfeh
That Nasty Turtonator by Weirda-s-M-art
Skecth - Fairy by Netierrez
Trick of the Night: Page 199 by flyteck
PMD BoH 111 by KurtisTheSnivy
Cosplay and Crafts
Thunder Shock - Pokemon (and Pikachu) Inspired by thingamajik
'Sleeping Umbreon' handmade sterling silver ring by seralune
Ugandan Knuckles by mmmgaleryjka
Hopitee Fakemon Plush by mmmgaleryjka
Pokemon Gijinkas
(C) Cotton Candy Cloud by Milavana
Mixed Gen
The Night With You by StarlightNexus-Chan
:FULL: 1st Generation - Kanto
Art a Day (Day 139 - Omastar)  by Aztilen-chan
:FULL: 2nd Gen - Johto
Vaporeon by PuroArt
:FULL: 3rd Generation - Hoenn
Gen 3 starters by Yorlon
:FULL: 4th Generation - Sinnoh
Take no Quarter Lads! And give none neither! by DarkPhoenix3465
:FULL: 5th Generation - Unova
Sawsbuck by CatDogJoe
:FULL: 6th Gen - Kalos
Little smile colour. by Elmahri
:FULL: 7th Generation - Alola
Jangmo-o's Scarf by Twime777
:FULL: Mixed Gen.
Lycanroc Dusk Form by CatDogJoe
:FULL: Comics
Pokemon Dratini and Lapras by DeerCrowShadow
:FULL: Pokemon Gijinkas
Shiny Eevee by Shrapnel-Scraps
:FULL: Mixed Gen
129 - Magikarp by dmc-br
:FULL: 1st Generation - Kanto
Sleepy by CatDogJoe
:FULL2: First Generation - Kanto
Vaporeon used SURFER by Aurora-Silver
:FULL: 2nd Generation - Johto
Taylor and Suicune by JustPunky
:FULL: 6th Generation - Kalos
ur dead kid by JoItiks
:FULL: 3rd Generation - Hoenn
Yumi and ChickChick by MoonPrincess-Yumi

Group Info

This is a group for pokemon artists!
Founded 6 Years ago
Aug 2, 2012


Group Focus

18,026 Members
14,450 Watchers
198,362 Pageviews
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Johnathan-Mandrake Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Can I post Pokémon literature (fan-fics) here? and if so what are the guidelines I must follow?
BIizWolf Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nerdy-Demon Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Here is some of my work if you accept me! 

IridescentMirage Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Kickstarter: Voyager Collection LIVE by IridescentMirage

Come join in on the fun by entering my Kickstarter LIVE Raffle!
yatocommish Featured By Owner Edited Jan 21, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Hi guys! I hope the founder will accept my request! Here's some Pokemon artwork of mine.
Mallow by yatocommish   Omega Ruby by yatocommish   Lillie by yatocommish   Goodra by yatocommish  
Bioluxx Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello. I would like to ask permission to share a link to a discord server for Fakemon and Pokemon Arts. Our community is looking for fresh new faces and talents, and would very much appreciate it if this group would allow us to help us grow as a server and enrich our community. Please let me know if you would object to this or enjoy this. Thank you.
(1 Reply)
Hoopukoi Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018
i love this group!!Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon excited happy 
SpinHina21 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello, can I ask who watching SM anime? Because I am looking for such people.
Season27 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
I've drawn a picture of the Lumiose Tower from Pokemon X and Y. Would it be fine for me to submit it? If so where?
(1 Reply)
marshmellowcookies Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
u should make a pokemon team folder
SuperBourito Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
how do i remove a art from wrong folder...
Cuberman3141 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 24, 2017  Student Digital Artist
3000 PTS Draw My Oc Contest [OPEN]💛 My Draw My Oc Contest💛

I do hope many peeps join and i hope you enjoy draw the oc of me and a new helper.
Before we get started lets go over a few things
1. writingscifi65 is helping me host this raffle. 💖 and Kidmystic2017 lended me 500 points to add up to 3000 points. And thanks to simplesilent for making this awesome journal. Thank you go watch these amazing people. Its not required but go watch them!!!
2. Required* Fav the journal. Comment that your joining.
Watch me and watch writingscifi65 
Spread the word!! Journals only
So what you will be drawing is My oc Taigaa and/or writingscifi65 oc Talia Tygara.
>> Taigaa<<
>> Talia Tygara -> <
Easy, right?? Good!!💛💛
[There will be 3 winners!!]
F.A.Q for my contestGod only 12 peeps joined but so many questions on the contest. Dont comment you question there, comment them here or they will be hidden.

link>>3000 PTS Draw My Oc Contest [OPEN]<< link

1. Must i draw all Characters???
No draw which ever one or two or threee you want sweety.
2. Deadline?
April, 20th 2018.
3 Draw them together??? 
No. Absolutely do not do that or you will be disqualified. Dont draw them in the same image.
4. Can i use a Base/ych
That is Cheating. Its a Drawing Contest. You need to draw all of it. Unless it your own base
5. Collaborations??
Yes. But ONLY if the person you collaborated with gets half of the prize.
More will be addes.
Have a question about my contest? Comment it b looelow.
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