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General Rules

Welcome to PokemonAddicts!


Welcome to the our group! If you like, love, or are addicted to Pokemon this group is for you. All you have to do to join is hit the join button, member requests are automatically approved!

Rules and Info

:bulletblue: Submit to the right folders! If your not sure what generation a Pokemon is, just look the Pokemon up and check when the Pokemon was first released.

:bulletblue: Respect all members and their submissions.

:bulletblue: You're allowed to submit 2 things per day.

:bulletblue: This group is for official Pokemon only. Trainers are fine as long as they're with a Pokemon in the picture.

:bulletblue: You may advertise yourself in the group comment section but please do not submit journals or other self advertisements to the group gallery.

Please don't submit..

:bulletred: Stolen Art
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletred: Screenshots, Screencaps
:bulletred: Mature content.
:bulletred: Official Pokemon sprites
:bulletred: Journals or Stories
:bulletred: Pokemon Fusions
:bulletred: Trainers without Pokemon.
:bulletred: Fakemon (fan made pokemon)

- Submissions not following the above rules will not be accepted to the group. -

Traditional Art Standards

:bulletyellow: Traditional art should not be on lined or graph paper.

:bulletyellow: Try and get it to the highest quality, that means if you have a scanner you should scan it. If you don't have a scanner just try and get a good, non-blurry photo.

:bulletyellow: For the most part traditional art should be colored. I understand if you submit a few high quality, shaded sketches.


Do not submit screenshots from Pokemon in an attempt to sell them. This includes selling in-game pokemon such as shinies, rare pokemon, etc. This is against the group rules and said submissions will be removed.

Gallery Folders

Commission: Rivals by salanchu
Talonflame by RubyFeather
Pokemon: Bulbasaur by starthief-alice
150 - Mewtwo by nganlamsong
1st Generation - Kanto
Marowak by LeoLagonza
Bulbasuar by LeoLagonza
022 by Wolfsheepsoup
Week 2.Pokemon Day 12.Sweet Dessert Party by LaraVell
2nd Gen - Johto
Houndoom by blueriiver
maggie by mei-moo
Totodile by Noky-Art
Topaz main Outfit by CharredAmber
3rd Generation - Hoenn
Realistic flygon by Kaze-no-Inaya
Triangle Birds by apanda54
Roxie and Koffing by CherryCandyRed
Treecko, I choose you! by cilios
4th Generation - Sinnoh
Shaymin by Nokills-Clan196

Mature Content

Sexy wannabe!~ by Aitrellos
Human Brock by JoshPointOh
sherbert rainbow by mei-moo
5th Generation - Unova
Chandelure by Hvitxxx
[Alolan Form Contest Entry] Alolan Haxorus!!! by frostlie
Copic Craziness: Cofagrigus by Jarzard
Reshiram Headshot by Nokills-Clan196
6th Gen - Kalos
Froakie by Yorlon
Chespin. by Yorlon
Xerneas by KimikoGlaciem
Defusion Heliolisk by OtakuSage
7th Generation - Alola
Lycanroc in the moonlight by Kyuubi-Youko
Alolan Vulpix by Spufflez
Mimikyu by Takurapi
Alola by xCoalchaser
Wants to Eat by Winick-Lim
IJAG Chapter 3 pg 41 by LadyKindle
Soul Destructor Team page 27 - Series by Deathxael
PMD: Explorers of Destiny - Page 2 by Fangirl-Trash
Pokemon Gijinkas
Florges gijinka by TheStarGardener
New look! by MetaDoodles
:P-L: Ziggy and Jun Chibis by Sentaji
Tokkyun Contest : JUMPLUFF by Kanemochii
Cosplay and Crafts
Roselia by tipsygamer
Eevee Pokedoll Plush by yummykittens
Pokemon SALE by bucktoroots
Mimikkyu Plush by badangel2012
Mixed Gen
[Comm + Speedpaint] Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon! by GJKou
Rowlet and Volcarona by TheStarGardener
Lusamine - Pokemon Sun and Moon by SauceBox16
fox snuggles by xCoalchaser
:FULL: 1st Generation - Kanto
Squirtle by LeMystere3
Articuno by Kiytt
Bub by BrumbyOfSteel
The Cutest Charizard EVER by LittleCLUUs
:FULL2: First Generation - Kanto
Arsonist and I by NimeniCanine
Pokemon Original Series (Special for 20th year) by CamiloSama
Bubbled - Pokemon Painting by KonnyArt
Sleepy Bulbasaur by Darquesse12
:FULL: 2nd Generation - Johto
Taylor and Suicune by JustPunky
Cyndaquil and me  by JustPunky
Only 1,234 Miles to Go!! by BlueMageDanny
Electric Rodents by Quarbie
:FULL: 6th Generation - Kalos
ur dead kid by Doctor-Enderman
Shiny Sylveon by Timeless-Knight
Kaeyi by WolfinTheWolf
Hoopa... Just Hoopa by DoodlesByChangelings
:FULL: 3rd Generation - Hoenn
Yumi and ChickChick by MoonPrincess-Yumi
Jirapril by Himeija
Balboa the Regirock by JoshPointOh
FRLG Girl by Ayrafeneres
:FULL: Mixed Gen.
PokeLove by noisulivone
Say Hello to the Gang by JoshPointOh
IDK what to call this by TheSilverTotodile
random things by TheSilverTotodile

Group Info

This is a group for pokemon artists!
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 2, 2012


Group Focus

14,148 Members
11,822 Watchers
133,270 Pageviews
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Help me decide what Elite four member to draw next! 
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Commissions are open! Check my profile for more info :dummy: <3
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Forgot I was on here... *facepalm*
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lady-hatake Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  New Deviant

free random pokemon art request just let me know and ill get back to u with the number ill draw for you.

I would love to submit some entry's to this group
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thank you for accepting me c:
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thank very much for accepting me :)
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So we can't post fanfiction..? 
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toodamnfancy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
HEY GUYS, i made these shirts as fanart shirts because I'm in real need of some cash. They're really cool, galaxy team pride shirts. Different items available with the designs on if shirts aint your thing. Take a look at them here! 


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SuperHuggz Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I by mistake put Shinx in 1st Generation when I meant 2 put it in Generation 4. COuld some1 tell me how 2 move it or move it 4 me.
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How can I switch a drawing from folder to folder?
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