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General Rules

Welcome to PokemonAddicts!


Welcome to the our group! If you like, love, or are addicted to Pokemon this group is for you. All you have to do to join is hit the join button, member requests are automatically approved!

Rules and Info

:bulletblue: Submit to the right folders! If your not sure what generation a Pokemon is, just look the Pokemon up and check when the Pokemon was first released.

:bulletblue: Respect all members and their submissions.

:bulletblue: You're allowed to submit 2 things per day.

:bulletblue: This group is for official Pokemon only. Trainers are fine as long as they're with a Pokemon in the picture.

:bulletblue: You may advertise yourself in the group comment section but please do not submit journals or other self advertisements to the group gallery.

Please don't submit..

:bulletred: Stolen Art
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletred: Screenshots, Screencaps
:bulletred: Mature content.
:bulletred: Official Pokemon sprites
:bulletred: Journals or Stories
:bulletred: Pokemon Fusions
:bulletred: Trainers without Pokemon.
:bulletred: Fakemon (fan made pokemon)

- Submissions not following the above rules will not be accepted to the group. -

Traditional Art Standards

:bulletyellow: Traditional art should not be on lined or graph paper.

:bulletyellow: Try and get it to the highest quality, that means if you have a scanner you should scan it. If you don't have a scanner just try and get a good, non-blurry photo.

:bulletyellow: For the most part traditional art should be colored. I understand if you submit a few high quality, shaded sketches.


Do not submit screenshots from Pokemon in an attempt to sell them. This includes selling in-game pokemon such as shinies, rare pokemon, etc. This is against the group rules and said submissions will be removed.

Gallery Folders

Commission: Rivals by salanchu
Talonflame by RubyFeather
Pokemon: Bulbasaur by starthief-alice
150 - Mewtwo by nganlamsong
1st Generation - Kanto
Pom-Pom Pokemon: Magikarp (Normal) by LuckyNumber113
Arcanine's Heatwave by Thealess
Kanto Queens by maximint
20th Anniversary of Pokemon. No. 007: Squirtle by Anju-Addams
2nd Gen - Johto
Chikorita! by PretenderEnder
Cyndaquil by PretenderEnder
Charizard by Jelgrohm
Hypnosis by Ebonyii
3rd Generation - Hoenn
Wrong Place and Time by Ppoint555
Lucy and Bonnie by lavaquil
A moment of rest by ohayorinka
Grovyle Used Glare! by Piksel-Art
4th Generation - Sinnoh
Pokemon of the Week - Starly by Noyle
Training - Air Punch by Mogyugyu

Mature Content

Anthro Manaphy by Mutuki
Lopunny by Sofi-aa
5th Generation - Unova
Pokemon of the Week - Emboar by Noyle
30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Favorite Fighting Type by xTURBOPOWEREDx
[RPrize] Fen by ShinyRaupy
Pansexual Bianca by fictionalpride
6th Gen - Kalos
Meowstics  by 0Marazi0
tea party by silvercloud64
Sparkling Goodra by Teresa-Tsareena
Pokemon XY Serena and Fokko by Setsky
7th Generation - Alola
Gladion and Ashtyn by MiscreantPokemon
haulky by bloodstainedmilk
All my Alolan artworks by logancure
Trick of the Night: Page 73 by flyteck
Alola's worst snowstorm cover (PLEASE READ DESCRIP by WolfLover12321
PMD BoH 07 by KurtisTheSnivy
Plushie Hunting - PKMN Comic by EeveeFanSparkle
Pokemon Gijinkas
Mechanismon SS - Jennifer Talbot by lordmegi
Pop Buneary Shiny by iCrisUchiha
Charmeleon Gijinka by BlubberBunny
Eeveeolution Bombshells Princess Vaporeon by DannimonDesigns
Cosplay and Crafts
Mini Aloan Persian Loaf by FandomFactoryPlushes
Mixed Gen
#4 - Charmander by CR0WB0T
:FULL: 1st Generation - Kanto
Squirtle by LeMystere3
:FULL2: First Generation - Kanto
Mini Mew by zabzze
:FULL: 2nd Generation - Johto
Taylor and Suicune by JustPunky
:FULL: 6th Generation - Kalos
ur dead kid by JoItiks
:FULL: 3rd Generation - Hoenn
Yumi and ChickChick by MoonPrincess-Yumi
:FULL: Mixed Gen.
PokeLove by noisulivone

Group Info

This is a group for pokemon artists!
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 2, 2012


Group Focus

15,493 Members
12,820 Watchers
154,336 Pageviews
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